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The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System (IFWIS) has site-specific information on observed locations of species with special conservation status. We provide four different products at a range of prices.

County Species Lists
County lists of rare and sensitive species are available for free. County list spreadsheet (key). Fish are not yet included in this list.
GIS Shapefile of Observations around a point
For a base cost of $200 we will provide a GIS shapefile of observations around a point with a ten mile buffer or other small project area of equivalent size (approximately 320 square miles). You must provide the point coordinates or a shapefile of your area of interest.
GIS Shapefile of Observations by County
GIS shapefiles for larger areas are available for entire counties only. Costs are calculated as the base price ($200) plus $300 per county. For example, 3 counties is $200 base price plus $300 per county = $1100.
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IFWIS data contains species observations for areas that have been surveyed and makes no claim regarding the potential distribution of species. Not all areas of the state have been surveyed - private lands in particular. It may be necessary to look in the immediate area surrounding a project site to learn whether species with special conservation status occur in the vicinity.

Example of how to cite the Species Diversity Database.
Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System, Species Diversity Database, Idaho Natural Heritage Data. Accessed month day, year.

IFWIS does not comment on potential impacts to fish and wildlife resources that might be caused by a specific project. For comments regarding potential impacts of specific projects, contact the respective Idaho Department of Fish and Game regional office associated with the geographic area of your project. Similarly, IFWIS will not provide a letter categorically stating that species with special conservation status do not occur on a project site. For further information email Angie Schmidt, Program Manager.

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