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Unsold nonresident tags go on sale as second tags August 1

Nonresident deer and elk tags sales are up and could be sold out by mid-October.

On August 1, all hunters can buy nonresident deer and elk tags as second tags for an additional hunting opportunity this fall.  Tags are sold at the full nonresident price of $301.75 for deer and $416.75 for elk. 

Fish and Game administration bureau chief Michael Pearson said that at current sales rate, nonresident deer tags and elk tags could be sold out quickly.

Fish and Game keeps a tally of the tags on the license, tags and permits webpage.

Fish and Game limits the sale of nonresident tags, which is 14,000 for deer and 12,815 for elk. Deer tags sold out last year, which prompted the commission to issue an additional 1,500 deer tags that were valid only for white-tailed deer. 

With nonresident tags available to residents as second tags on August 1, sales could spike and nonresident hunters may want to buy earlier than in the past to ensure they get a tag. 

Note:  Second tags cannot be used for deer in Unit 10A.  In March of 2018, the Fish and Game Commission voted to limit the use of second tags in this big game unit.  A second nonresident tag also can not be used in controlled hunts.

Mule deer
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Mule deer