Press Release

Time Now To Sign Up For Depredation Hunts

The sign-up period to participate in depredation hunts this year runs through June 30.

Special controlled hunts are sometimes used to relieve big game damage problems on agricultural crops. If these hunts are needed, they will be held on short notice, involve small areas and be limited to a few hunters.

Any Idaho resident with a valid hunting or combination license may participate, but hunters may apply in only one region for a given species.

For more information and an application form check pages 73 and 74 in the big game rule book. Fill out the form and mail it to the regional office in the areas hunters are willing to hunt.

The forms may be copied if necessary. All applications received before June 30 will be placed in random order. All applications received after June 30 will be placed at the end of the list in the order received. The list will be valid from July 1 to the following June 30.

Most regions issue only a handful of depredation permits each year. If a controlled antlerless or doe-fawn hunt is open or about to open in the depredation area, holders of permits in that area will be given the first option to participate in the depredation hunt. After antlerless or doe-fawn controlled hunts have ended, participants will be selected in order from the depredation hunt list.

Generally, applications received after June 30 have little chance of being selected.