Press Release

Sportsmen and women benefit from Super Hunt drawings

Idaho Super Hunt drawings create two kinds of winners - the hunter who actually draws a Super Hunt tag and the rest of us who gain hunting and fishing access to and through private land.

How does this work? Every entry purchased for a Super Hunt drawing supports Idaho’s Access Yes! program, which is designed to increase access to and through private land.

Access Yes! sign identifies Access Yes! property
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Glenn Oakley for IDFG

Access Yes! compensates willing landowners who provide access for hunters and anglers. As of July 5, 2017, lease agreements with private landowners have opened 370,698 private acres to hunting and fishing this year. Sportsmen can also pass through private lands to an additional 529,735 public acres.

The number of acres vary every year, depending on the number of leases Access Yes! secures with private landowners. The funds available for these agreements are generated by Idaho’s Super Hunts. In 2016, sportsmen and women generated a record $487,274 for hunting and fishing access.

To find Access Yes! properties, visit the Access Yes! web page.

To enter the 2nd Super Hunt drawing, go to the Super Hunt web page. Each entry is a chance to be one of the lucky winners who draws a Super Hunt and to support sportsmen access to and through private lands.

Winners can participate in any open hunt in the state for deer, elk, pronghorn or moose with a tag for that species, including general hunts and controlled hunts. Super Hunt tags are in addition to other tags, meaning if you draw a controlled hunt tag or purchase a general season tag, you can still participate in these hunts as well as the Super Hunt.

Hunters have until August 10 to enter the 2nd Super Hunt drawing. No license is needed to enter the drawing and you can enter multiple times.