Sportsman's Guide to Access Yes!

Respect Private Property

  • Ask Permission
  • Leave Gates As You Found Them
  • Pack Out Your Trash
  • Be Courteous
  • Stay on Established Roads

Apply for a Super Hunt!

Super Hunt buttonComplete an application for the Super Hunt drawing. Applications are available at license vendors, Fish and Game offices, by phone at 1-(800) 554-8685, mail, or online.

All proceeds benefit Access Yes! (available January - July)

Voluntary donations are also accepted from hunters and anglers at all POSM locations.

Take it with you

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Access Yes Sign

As of June 22, 2017, 80 Access Yes! Lease Agreements are currently active opening 308,365 private acres and 370,995 public acres.

Access Yes! is a program designed to improve sportsmen's access to private land or through private land to public land by compensating willing landowners who provide access.

How to Use This Guide:

Man at a gate with a dog

Pick a property from the list or map to view landowner's access requirements.

Carefully check:

  • whether access is limited or unlimited (i.e. 5 hunters/day, unlimited, etc.)
  • is landowner contact required
  • when is access available (i.e. Aug. 1 - Dec. 31)
  • what types of hunting or fishing opportunities are allowed
  • what special restrictions exist (i.e. no fires or camping, travel only on existing roads, etc.)
  • what special notes are included

Please act responsibly and respect private property. Your attention to landowner's requirements will help ensure a successful Access Yes! program for the sportsmen of today and tomorrow.

Best of luck and memories in your hunting and angling adventures!

List of Access Yes! Properties

Region Property Description Private Acres Public Acres Big Game Upland Game Small Game Water- fowl Trap Fish
R1 Caribou Creek Drainage Forestland 11126 0 X X X
R1 Hugas Creek & St. Joe River Basin Forestland 28700 0 X X X X X X
R1 John Creek Drainage Forestland 18500 0 X X X X X
R1 Mica Creek Drainage on St. Joe River Forestland 23150 0 X X X X X X
R1 Trout Creek Drainage (Pack River) Forestland 4521 0 X X X
R1 Trout Creek Drainage (St. Joe) Forestland 8400 0 X X X X X
R2 Genesee Area Dry cropland, rangeland, forestland, and CRP 12690 0 X X X X
R2 Palouse River Upland Game Area River bottom, Hay, Pasture, Forest and Crops 975 0 X X X
R2 Petersen Loop Dry Cropland, Forestland, Wetland, Waterways 2353 0 X X X
R2 Salmon River and Grave Creek Rangeland 1040 0 X X X
R2 West of Waha and Miller Road - Ten Mile Canyon and Fields to the South Ten Mile & side canyons rangeland (fenced with cattle at times). Fields to the south (Ten Mile drainage) farmed by No-Till or one pass system. All fields cropped every year. Seeded into preceding crops standing stubble. 2360 0 X X X
R2 Whitebird Hill and Joseph Plains/Boles Rangeland and Forest 2914 80 X X X
R3 A L Cattle - Dodson Pass Dry rangeland, rolling hills with some brushy creek bottoms and timber pockets 1757 7000 X X X X
R3 A L Cattle - Shirts Creek Dry rangeland, rolling hills and some brushy creek bottoms 3551 7000 X X X X
R3 Big Foot Bar Boat Ramp -Snake River River access road, boat ramp, and parking area west of ditch. 3 0 X X
R3 Erskine-Boise River Dixie Part of Island and north side shoreline on Boise River east of IDFG Dixie property. 15 100 X X X X X X
R3 Highland Land and Livestock Boise River WMA Rangland adjacent to Boise River WMA 118 1000 X X X
R3 Mink - East Pine, Advent Gulch, Weiser River Rangeland, riparian areas and some hay fields 6000 3000 X X X X X
R3 Osborn Ranch - Indian Valley Rangeland 2871 0 X X X X X
R3 Osborn Ranch - Six Mile Cr Riparian mostly, some timber 290 0 X X X X X X
R3 Paddock Valley Reservoir Boating Access 75 1140 X X X X X
R3 Payne Family Grazing- Pleasant Valley and Thomas Creek Rangeland with Junipers, irrigated and dry cropland 3333 3000 X X X X
R3 Van Deusen Ranch - Willow Ridge Mostly rangeland with some brushy creek bottoms. 90% of the area was involved in a 2006 fire, but there are pockets of vegetation, especially in the riparian areas. 3757 7000 X X X
R4 Basterrechea Mixed CRP, rangeland/forestland, and dry cropland 5347 7000 X X X X X
R4 Cliff Canyon Rangeland 600 4500 X X X
R4 Diamond A Livestock - Little Pilgrim Gulch Road into Snake River access 40 400 X X X X X X
R4 Dry Creek Cattle Assn. Rangeland 1878 15000 X X X X X
R4 Guerry, Inc. Rangeland 8225 10000 X X X X X X
R4 Hammett Livestock Rangeland 8232 10000 X X X X X
R4 Janss Farms Forestland, rangeland 3530 5000 X X X X X
R4 Lazy "R" Ranch CRP, Rangeland, irrigated cropland 840 0 X X X X X
R4 Pat and Debra Woodworth Rangeland, CRP 1635 1240 X X
R4 Rock Creek Rangeland, meadows, riparian, irrigated cropland. 9853 16000 X X X X
R4 Rockland Valley - West crops, CRP, rangeland 3486 2500 X X X
R4 Steve Deeg Farms CPR intermingled with sagebrush along with some wooded draws. 2127 640 X X X X X
R4 The Nature Conservency - Fish Creek Rangeland 9000 30000 X X X X X X
R4 Vernon Miller Dry cropland. 3400 1220 X X X X
R4 Wood River Land Trust - Cowcatcher Ridge Sagebrush-steppe hillside, rangeland. 672 6000 X X X
R4 Wood River Land Trust - Draper Wood River Preserve Rangeland, riparian habitat, floodplain, Big Wood River frontage 84 210 X
R4 Wood River Land Trust - Porcupine Creek Preserve Sagebrush-steppe hillside, rangeland 100 5000 X X X
R5 Arbon - South Valley Irrigated and dry cropland, rangeland and CRP 6680 3000 X X X X
R5 Dry Valley Rangeland 2056 0 X X X
R5 Fox Hills Ranch 8 miles of fishing on the upper Blackfoot River. 2248 0 X
R5 Ninety Percent Canyon This contract is to ensure continued access across private property to connect Cedar View Road and Ninety Percent Canyon road. 260 10000 X X
R6 Bonneville County, Just south of Tex Creek WMA Between Bulls Fork and Willow Creek. Mixed aspen, juniper, sage with CRP. Developed springs. 1080 80 X X X X X
R6 Bulls Fork Ranch Mixed aspen, juniper, sagebrush, CRP 680 31000 X X X
R6 Dan Creek-Jumpoff Hill Rangland, Timber, Mountain Shrub 7200 2800 X X X X X X
R6 East of Ririe Reservoir/Meadow Creek Junction Rangeland, CRP 1506 0 X X X X
R6 Kilgore Area Wetlands, Camas Creek, willows, sage brush 1086 300 X X X X X
R6 North Teton River Rangeland - river frontage 150 0 X X X X X
R6 Pine Creek Bench Dryland farm, pasture next to timber 760 3000 X X X X X
R6 Sundown Ranch Mixed aspen, juniper, sagebrush, CRP 2905 40000 X X X
R7 Deer Park Creek West of Leadore Primarily access to Forest Service. Also irrigated cropland,willow and aspen patches, small amount of timber on private land. 850 15000 X X X X X
R7 Kirtley Creek, Lemhi River Rangeland, irrigated cropland, wetland, riparian 5809 8000 X X X X X
R7 Upper Lemhi Access Area Unit 29 - Timber, meadows and sagebrush Unit 30 - Riparian, meadows Unit 30A - High elevation riparian, meadows, sagebrush 7140 30000 X X X X X X

Map of Access Yes! Properties

Click a property outline to view details.

Visit the Open Data to download Access Yes! Polygons and other layers as kml, shp and gpx to view off-line in Google Earth, GPS Units and other software.