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Party Hunting - Common Form of Poaching

Poaching is defined several ways. Most of the public would agree that shooting an animal and leaving all or some of the meat to rot is poaching. However, too many people sit idly by for a more common form of poaching - party hunting. The unlawful practice of hunters shooting another hunter's game to fill tags can land violators a significant fine, revocation of hunting privileges, forfeiture of the illegally taken animal and possible jail time. "An Idaho hunting license gives the purchaser, and the purchaser alone, the privilege to hunt and harvest game in Idaho," says Dave Cadwallader, Idaho Fish and Game Regional Conservation Officer. "Anyone who harvests game but uses someone else's tag, and continues to hunt is not only breaking Idaho wildlife laws but is robbing the ethical hunter of opportunity." Party hunting artificially inflates harvest success ratios, which are very important in setting seasons. When wildlife managers observe increased harvest levels that are unhealthy for a population, they are forced to set limits on tags sold, manage by controlled hunts or eliminate the hunt entirely. "The end result is the ethical hunter losing another opportunity," said Cadwallader. Idaho Department of Fish and Game urges anyone who has information about any wildlife crime to contact law enforcement authorities or Citizens Against Poaching (1-800-632-5999). Callers can remain anonymous, and rewards are available.