Press Release

Nonresident regular deer tags sold out on June 26

1,500 white-tailed deer tags now available for sale

Regular nonresident deer tags sold out on June 26, and while some whitetail-only tags remain, nonresident hunters who plan to buy one should do so soon because they are likely to sell out quickly.

Nonresident elk tags sold out on June 17. Fish and Game projections based on current sales rates show that the remaining white-tailed deer tags could sell out by August 1. Actual sell-out date could be sooner if sales increase, which occurred with nonresident elk tags. Elk tags sold out about two weeks earlier than projected.

To see the current availability of nonresident tags, go to the nonresident tag quota webpage. 

Nonresident over-the-counter general hunt tags are limited to:

  • 12,815 elk tags
  • 14,000 regular and white-tailed deer tags
  • 1,500 nonresident white-tailed deer tags, which are available when the regular/white-tailed tags sell out.

Fish and Game has sold out nonresident tags for years, and sell out dates have been getting earlier for several years. Idaho resident deer and elk tags are not limited by a quota.

Recent nonresident tag sell out dates


Elk: June 17

Deer: June 26

White-tailed deer: Still available


Elk: Aug. 16

Deer: Aug. 27

White-tailed deer: Sept 13


Elk: Sept. 24

Deer: Oct. 4

White-tailed deer: Oct. 10


Elk: Oct. 31

Deer: Oct. 23

White-tailed deer: Nov. 7

Residents are not limited by an overall tag quota for deer and elk tags, but are allowed to buy nonresident tags as second tags after Aug. 1 if nonresident tags have not sold out.