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Jack Hemingway Annual Conservation Day

October 10, 2001 will mark the first annual Jack Hemingway Conservation Day. Governor Dirk Kempthorne announced the designation in the State of the State address on January 8th. He praised Hemingway's conservation efforts saying, "He lived a life as big as Idaho's outdoors and in turn he gave his time and talents towards conserving our natural heritage for generations to come, both as a Fish and Game Commissioner and as host of the wildlife show Incredible Idaho. In addition, Jack was the driving force behind conserving one of Idaho's premier trout streams, Silver Creek." The Governor went on to say, "Now in turn, Idaho will honor Jack Hemingway. On October 10th, 2001 we will begin a new tradition. Jack's birth date will become the first annual Jack Hemingway Conservation Day. Each year, the Department of Fish and Game will organize annual events involving volunteers in efforts to enhance our state's outdoor heritage. It will be Jack's legacy to the wildlife and wild places of Idaho." Angela Hemingway, wife of the late Jack Hemingway said, "Jack would be so pleased. It is a great tribute to a man who treasured Idaho's wild outdoors and delighted in spending countless hours fishing her trout streams and hunting her ridge tops." The Idaho Department of Fish and Game plans to launch a series of habitat restoration projects with the help of sportsmen groups, conservation organizations and individual volunteers. In addition, the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation is planning a major event to mark the first annual Jack Hemingway Conservation Day.