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Idaho Fish and Game

"Safety Zone" sign for the Phase 3 of the Clark Fork Delta Restoration Project

Heavy construction underway on the Clark Fork Delta Restoration Project


Construction work for the Clark Fork Delta Restoration Project is in full swing for the 2022 work season

Idaho Fish and Game has started Phase 3 of the Clark Fork Delta Restoration Project

Although construction activities continue to require closure of the Clark Fork Driftyard access site, which is located within the Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area, sportsmen can still hunt in the Clark Fork Delta during construction. However, hunters are encouraged to be mindful and respectful of workers and heavy equipment in the area. Construction work is anticipated to occur seven days a week during daylight hours through the winter and early spring.


If you choose to hunt in the delta, please anticipate workers and heavy equipment to be present and active while you are there. To provide added safety to the workers on the project, yellow “Safety Zone” signs have been installed; please do not shoot toward or within the safety zones.


Here are a few simple precautions to follow while hunting the delta:

  • Abide by all yellow “Safety Zone” signs, and don’t hunt behind or shoot toward them
  • Always know your surroundings and what is beyond your shot direction to avoid unintentionally shooting toward workers or heavy equipment
  • Stay clear of the temporary roads and bridge crossings
  • Consider hunting in some of your other spots, or perhaps explore a new area

Closure of the Driftyard access site is necessary to provide contractors with a location to stage supplies and equipment, while also protecting the public and contractors from unsafe conditions associated with an active construction site. We anticipate the Driftyard access site to reopen in April 2022.

We recognize the timing of construction overlaps with waterfowl and trapping seasons; however, the project will restore and improve delta habitat by stabilizing banks, creating emergent benches and islands and planting vegetation aimed at protecting and improving wildlife habitat, hunting and fishing opportunities into the future.  

For ideas on alternative launch locations while the Driftyard access site is closed, click here.


Planning your trip

North Idaho is full of incredibly diverse hunting and fishing opportunities.  If the Driftyard access site closure impacts your plans, check out the Idaho Fishing Planner and Idaho Hunt Planner to get ideas for and plan your next outing.  Both planners are great tools for sportsmen.

A guide to Fish and Game’s fishing and boating access sites is available online at Keeping access sites open during the coronavirus pandemic depends on responsible use. The Recreate Responsibly Idaho website details Governor Brad Little’s guidelines for outdoor recreation and provides information on what’s open across the state.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Panhandle Regional office at (208) 769-1414.

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