Press Release

F&G seeks public input on whether to mandate gender identification for mountain goats

Deadline to comment is April 30

Fish and Game is seeking public input regarding whether to mandate a gender identification course for mountain goats for hunters who draw mountain goat tags. People can comment by going to the public survey webpage. Deadline to comment is April 30. 

Mountain goats are sensitive to harvest, particularly harvest of adult females. Increased nanny harvest can lead to population declines and fewer tags available to hunters in the future. Idaho and other states have various programs to educate hunters on gender identification of mountain goats and the importance of reducing the numbers of nannies taken in the harvest.

In part due to the challenges of differentiating genders, it is legal for hunters to take nannies, but Fish and Game officials encourage hunters to take billies, but any training is voluntary. 

The goal of the course would be to reduce nanny harvest and allow more hunting opportunities if herds can support it.