Public Input Survey: Mountain Goat Gender Identification Training


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Mountain goats are sensitive to harvest, particularly harvest of adult females. Increased numbers of nannies in the harvest can lead to population declines and fewer tags available to hunters. Idaho and other states have various programs to educate hunters on gender identification of mountain goats and the importance of reducing the numbers of nannies taken in the harvest.  

In addition to the educational efforts the Department currently does, we are evaluating the use of mandatory gender identification training. Hunters who draw a mountain goat tag would be required to complete the training before they could pick up their tag and hunt. Mandatory training programs in other states are typically administered online, usually include a test and take less than an hour to complete.

mountain goat in boulders covered in snow February 2012
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Chris Gaughan


The mountain goat management plan is used to set statewide management direction to help fulfill the Idaho Fish and Game mission.


The deadline to provide input is April 30.