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Farragut shooting range opens May 3

The public can enjoy pistol, rifle, trap and archery opportunites at this Fish & Game facility

Range In Use
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Phil Cooper/IDFG

The Farragut public shooting range will open for the year on May 3. Hours of operation are Friday through Monday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $5 per shooter, per day. 

This multi-use, family oriented range located at 33644 N. Shooters Rd. in Athol is owned and operated by Fish and Game as part of the Farragut Wildlife Management Area in partnership with Idaho Parks and Recreation.

This outdoor range offers covered shooting opportunities for pistols, long guns up to 200 yards and several shotgun shooting platforms with clay pigeon launchers. The range also features a 1-mile, 3-D target archery range with crossbows allowed.

Certified range safety officers monitor and supervise during all public shooting hours. Eye and hearing protection is mandatory for firearm shooters and available for purchase on-site.

For further details visit the Farragut Public Shooting Range website or call the Panhandle Regional Office at (208) 769-1414. Group range reservations are available by contacting the Farragut State Park Visitor Center at (208) 683-2425.