Press Release

Early Hunt Applicants Win Cash

Two Idaho hunters will have some extra cash for gear and hunting supplies this fall.

They were the winners drawn from early applicants in the big game controlled hunt application period, which ends June 5. Those who applied by May 10 were eligible to win $550. The $450 prize was awarded for filing by May 25.

The winner of the $550 early controlled hunt application prize drawing was Levi Jarvis of Ammon. The winner of the $450 prize was Travis Jones of St. Anthony.

The drawing is sponsored by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation and funded by Outdoor Central. Outdoor Central is the contractor for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's computer license sales.

The Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1990 to protect and sustain Idaho's fishing, hunting and wildlife heritage.

By encouraging the early application process, the Foundation and Outdoor Central hope to avoid overloading the computer terminals at license vendors in the final days of the application period. This was the sixth year for the cash drawing.