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Q. When will the regulations brochures be available? A. The rules brochure for 2001 wild turkey hunts is available now at license vendors. Next is the moose, mountain goat, and bighorn sheep brochure due to be shipped in the week beginning March 5. The big game brochure, with deer, elk, antelope, mountain lion, and black bear hunts, including spring 2002 bear seasons, should be shipped the week of April 9. Upland game and birds was printed last year and is good through 2001 - hang on to your copy. Waterfowl is due to ship the week of September 10. The fishing season book for 2002-2003 should be out the week of December 17 of this year. These are the scheduled dates, but they may vary a bit. They are usually online by the time they reach the license vendors.