Out-of-State Hunting and CWD

Hunting outside of Idaho?

Keep Idaho free from Chronic Wasting Disease by knowing the laws for bringing meat home or traveling through with a harvested animal from a state or Canadian province with a documented case of CWD.

Know before you go

  • Check CWD status in the state where you will be hunting. 
  • Review state regulations for exporting a harvested animal. 
  • Contact the state’s fish and wildlife agency for more information.

After your hunt

It is illegal to transport an entire carcass into Idaho from a state or Canadian province with a documented case of CWD.

If you plan to bring your harvested wild deer, elk, moose, or caribou carcass into Idaho, whether you’re just passing through or coming home, there are certain rules you must follow to prevent CWD spread in Idaho.


  • Meat that is cut and wrapped
  • Quarters or deboned meat that does not include brain or spinal tissue
  • Edible organs that do not include brains
  • Hides without heads
  • Upper canine teeth
  • Ivories, buglers or whistlers
  • Finished taxidermy
  • Dried antlers
  • Cleaned and dried skulls or skull caps


  • Brains
  • Spinal tissue
mule deer 1170.jpeg
There are some additional rules in Idaho to prevent the spread of CWD. Learn more