Idaho Sage-grouse Task Force

On March 9, 2012, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter promulgated Executive Order 2012-02 [PDF, 341 kb] establishing a 15-member Sage-Grouse Task Force. The purpose of the Task Force is to provide Governor Otter with recommendations by June 1, 2012, to ensure the species' long-term viability in Idaho and to prevent the need for the federal protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The Task Force recommendations will be aimed at facilitating short- and long-term solutions to the primary and secondary threats to the species and its habitat, all in an effort to avoid the serious and economically damaging impacts an ESA listing would create as Idaho continues to emerge from the national recession. The promulgation of this executive order is an effort to elevate the issue, ensuring swift response to the problem by tasking a wide variety of impacted and interested stakeholders.


Governor Otter submitted the State’s alternative (see document below) to BLM for inclusion in a BLM EIS. The BLM EIS will analyze alternatives for revising land-use plans (LUPs) for lands that include sage-grouse habitat to incorporate consistent objectives and conservation measures by September 2014 in an effort to preclude the need to list the greater sage-grouse under the ESA.

Idaho Sage-grouse Alternative - September 5, 2012 — [PDF, 3 MB]

The Task Force recommendations were submitted to the Governor on June 15 and were aimed at facilitating short- and long-term solutions to the primary and secondary threats to the species and its habitat in Idaho. Task Force recommendations will become part of a larger state plan that will be available for public comment in late June. Submission of the final plan to the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture will follow the public review and comment process and is targeted for mid-July.

Task Force Recommendations
June 15, 2012 — [PDF, 590 KB]
Sage-Grouse Task Force Submits Recommendations To Governor
News Release, June 15, 2012 — [PDF, 129 KB]
Governor's Draft Alternative Management Plan
June 29, 2012 — [PDF, 770 KB]
Executive Order No. 2012-02 - Establishing The Idaho Sage-Grouse Task Force [PDF, 341 kb]
Task Force Meeting Notes, Presentations
May 15, 2012
April 24-25, 2012
April 4, 2012
March 20, 2012
March 12, 2012
Task Force Membership - Industry
  • Chuck Jones - J.R.Simplot Co.
  • Wally Butler - Idaho Farm Bureau Federation
  • Richard Savage - Idaho Cattle Association
  • Brett Dumas - Idaho Power
  • Randy Vranes - Monsanto
  • Bill Myers - Wind/renewable
Task Force Membership - State and Local Representatives
  • Senator Bert Brackett
  • Representative Judy Boyle, Ex Officio Member
  • Representative Scott Bedke
  • Bob Cope - Lemhi County Commissioner
  • Jerry Hoagland - Owyhee County Commissioner
  • Rochelle Oxrango - Public at large
Task Force Membership - Local Working Group/Conservation Interests
  • Gene Gray - West Central Local Working Group
  • John Robison - Idaho Conservation League
  • Will Whelan - The Nature Conservancy
  • Jack Oyler - Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife
Idaho Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore is co-chairman of the governor’s Sage-Grouse Task Force, and Idaho Fish and Game is hosting this task force information. Tom Perry, Counsel to the Governor, is also a co-chairman. The Governor’s Office of Species Conservation and Idaho Fish and Game are serving in advisory roles to the Task Force.
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