Idaho Fisheries Blogs: Biggest Bites of 2020

This year has been unusual, to say the very least. Our personal and professional schedules were changed in pretty big ways, but we hope you still managed to get outdoors to some of your favorite spots in Idaho.

To help get you motivated this year, the Fisheries staff put out a variety of stories about Idaho’s awesome fishery resources, and folks really engaged with a lot of those stories. We decided it was time to look back on some of the most popular fisheries stories of the year. The stories below saw the most engagement and reach on our main Idaho Fish and Game Facebook page in 2020. We hope that you enjoy! Maybe you’ll see a few of your favorites, and a few that you missed.

Record Fish

BIG fish get people’s attention and this year was no exception. Record fish stories were some of our most popular this year. Check out this summary of fish records broken this year:

Nate Burr cutthroat
Creative Commons Licence
Nate Burr

Fishing Stories

With snow flying the past couple of days, it can be hard to think about getting out to your favorite summer fishery, but this is a great time to start planning a trip to a new spot or learning a new fishing technique. These two stories got folks clicking this summer, and hopefully headed to try out some of these techniques or destinations.

This story highlighted an easy cost-effective way to get out and chase some kokanee. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. 

Lake Pend Oreille.jpeg
Creative Commons Licence
Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

And this past summer’s article on Idaho’s great lakes is an excellent place to start planning a fishing adventure for next year. This article highlights some fantastic lake fishing resources here in Idaho.

Creative Commons Licence
Brett Bowersox

Science Stories

Finally, we had a number of fascinating stories about the fish themselves. We fish biologists get pretty excited about some of the diversity, resilience, and just downright interesting things we learn as part of our jobs. It was really rewarding to see that members of the public liked these stories as well.

One of the most popular stories this year involved a Bull Trout with a propensity to roam, highlighting the amazing migrations that even some of our resident fish take.

Creative Commons Licence

One of Idaho’s lesser known species, the Pacific Lamprey, was highlighted in this successful blog. These critters are like no other and are fascinating to learn more about.

pacific lamprey on a hand July 2013
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Finally, a recent story on the complexities of steelhead life history and management rounds out our list. Even though this story was published just back in November, it got a lot of interest. A testament to how much everyone values our steelhead and steelhead fishery. 

Creative Commons Licence
Ron Roberts

Thank you for your interest in Idaho’s fisheries and fish resources. We hope you have a great holiday season and look forward to creating new Idaho fish stories in the new year.