Deer management plans for 2020-2025 available online

The Idaho mule deer and white-tailed deer management plans for 2020-2025 are available on the Idaho Fish and Game website. These plans cover how Fish and Game will manage Idaho mule deer and white-tailed deer populations, hunting, and habitats over the next six years.

The Idaho Mule Deer Management Plan describes statewide management direction and strategies and data analysis. A major component of the plan addresses hunter congestion, a topic of increasing concern for Idaho’s mule deer hunters, and how Fish and Game will work with the public to identify strategies on how to best address this issue. 

The Idaho White-tailed Deer Management Plan identifies issues and strategies regarding white-tailed deer management in Idaho and also incorporates results from a 2018 deer hunter survey.

Public involvement played a very important role in developing these plans and will continue during this six-year implementation period.

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White-tailed Deer Management Plan Cover
Mule Deer Management Plan Cover