March Shooting Events at BCR

March is a busy month at Black's Creek Public Shooting Range (BCR) with ten special shooting events scheduled. Or maybe you'd just like to come out for a little recreational shooting. Either way, we look forward to seeing you at BCR!

The list of scheduled shoots includes two M1 Carbine shoots, a Small Bore Cowboy Rifle Match, a Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Match and three Cowboy Action Shoots sponsored by the Oregon Trail Rough Riders. There's also a Schuetzen Match and a Black Powder Cartridge Rifle match where shooters will be sighting their single shot Sharp's rifles on targets 500 meters away. It's a fun match to watch!

Finally, on Sunday, March 25th, the public is invited to test their shooting skills on the 500-meter range, taking aim at silhouette and hanging gong targets stationed at 200, 300, 385 and 500 meters..

There's something for everyone this month at BCR! Find more event details on the BCR home page at

We hope to see you soon!