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Idaho Fish and Game

How to Be a Good Witness: What to do if you see someone shoot more than one animal


You’re elk hunting and see someone across the canyon shoot and kill more than one elk, how would you report this? Providing the right details when reporting a wildlife crime not only helps our conservation officers investigate a case, but it ultimately increases the likelihood that a violator stealing Idaho’s wildlife resources is held accountable. 

In this video, our conservation officers provide tips on how to report this violation and how you can be a good witness for wildlife. 

Please remember that safety should always be your first priority when acting as a witness to a crime.

More tips on how to be a good witness

Without dedicated sportsmen and women doing the right thing—making the call and reporting—many wildlife violations would go undetected, undocumented and unsolved. Find reporting tips for other common violations and more on our How to Be a Good Witness for Wildlife webpage.