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Idaho Fish and Game


F&G Conservation Officer kills two dogs attacking elk in Southeast Idaho


Idaho Fish and Game received a report of dogs harassing and attacking elk in the Chubbuck area. A Conservation Officer arrived to find two dogs had killed a calf elk and were attacking a second calf elk, which later died from the injuries. 

"This is an extremely unfortunate situtation," said Jennifer Jackson, Southeast Regional Communication Manager. "There was no feasible way to stop this attack other than kill the dogs." 

The owner of the dogs was later identified and notified of the incident by the officer. 

"We really wish there was a different outcome here, but our officer had to react immediately to this situation." Jackson said. "There were many other elk in the area, including more calves." 

Big game is very vulnerable during winter, particularly young deer, elk, pronghorn and other animals. They are trying to survive winter, and weather has been harsh in Eastern Idaho with deep snow and prolonged cold spells. 

It is illegal for dogs to harass wildlife, and Fish and Game officials ask that all people keep their dogs under control and do not let them roam free where there's wintering big game, or other wildlife. Even friendly pets can attack wildlife if given the opportunity when wildlife is nearby and their predatory instincts kick in.