Smallmouth Bass


  • Lower Payette Smallmouth Bass

    Transplant gives smallmouth bass a jumpstart in the Lower Payette River

    As of October 3, Fish and Game crews transferred 850 smallmouths to the lower Payette River. The goal is to transfer 1,000 smallmouths with the hope that many of these fish will spawn next spring and contribute to rebuilding this important and popular fishery. 

  • whataretheyeating

    Lake Pend Oreille Walleye Update

    There is a toothy new predator in northern Idaho’s largest lake. Walleye, which were essentially non-existent in the lake ten years ago, have become increasingly abundant, to the point where they are now a significant player in the fishery. Lake Pend Oreille has long been known for its trophy rainbow trout and bull trout, having produced world records for both species. The trophy fishery, and to a very large extent, the sport fishery in general, is built on a foundation of kokanee.

  • Catch/release record smallmouth May 2018

    Pend Oreille River produces new catch-and-release state record smallmouth bass

    While anglers can catch Smallmouth Bass throughout the summer and fall, May through June is typically the best time to target bigger bass. Bass feed aggressively in the weeks before spawning and can be found in shallower water, before they retreat to deeper water as the summer heats up.

  • creel

    Clark Fork and Pack River Angler Survey Underway

    The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, in cooperation with Avista, began conducting a 10-month angler creel survey on the Clark Fork River from Lake Pend Oreille to Cabinet Gorge Dam on February 1. Additionally, we began surveying anglers fishing the Pack River, Grouse Creek, and Lightning Creek on March 1. We plan to continue these surveys through approximately December 1, 2018.

  • Gamble_CDA_Record_Smallmouth
  • Uncovering the secrets of the Snake River's smallmouths

    Bass fishing in the river sections between Swan Falls and Brownlee Reservoir is inconsistent, Fish and Game’s Southwest Region Fish Manager Joe Kozfkay said. It's good in some sections poor in others, and same for tributaries. Biologists want to find out why. 

  • Lake Pend Oreille "State of the Lake" Public Meeting

    The Lake Pend Oreille "State of the Lake" public meeting is held annually.  This year the meeting is set for Thursday, March 30th.  Idaho Fish and Game staff will give a presentation summarizing fisheries information and activities related to the Lake Pend Oreille fishery from the past year. Time will be provided afterwards for question and answer.  Anyone interested in the Lake Pend Oreille fishery is encouraged to attend.  We hope to see you there.

    Meeting details are as follows:

    WHEN: Thursday, March 30th, 2017 from 6-8pm

  • Bragg'n About Bass Fishing in Idaho

    When you talk about angling in Idaho, most people automatically think: rainbow  trout, cutthroat (State fish), majestic Chinook Salmon, steelhead or the hardy sockeye.  Only a select few will mention bass.  These are probably the most dedicated anglers who don't want their secret revealed to others in the bass fishing community.

  • dworshak kokanee / photo by sean wilson

    Dworshak kokanee and bass provide steady action

    By Sean Wilson, IDFG Fishery Research Biologist, Lewiston

    Summer is almost here and a lot of folks have been taking advantage of the warm, sunny days by spending a day fishing out on the lake. Dworshak Reservoir is one of the most popular fisheries in the Clearwater Region and anglers have been busy chasing “bluebacks,” “smallies,” or whatever else may bite. Here’s the lowdown on the kokanee this year and how the fishery is shaping up.


Smallmouth Bass

Micropterus dolomieu

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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