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    Apply now for spring bear and turkey controlled hunts

    Hunters still have a few days to apply for Idaho’s spring black bear controlled hunts, as applications must be filed by Wednesday, Feb. 15.  Spring turkey controlled hunt applications must be in by Wednesday, March 1.

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    Apply for spring controlled bear hunts now, turkey hunts soon

    Don’t let the cold weather fool you; Idaho’s spring black bear and turkey controlled hunts will start in a little over two months. 

    Spring controlled hunts for black bear begin April 1, with some spring controlled turkey hunts beginning as early as April 8. 

    Hunters are reminded that they have through February 15 to apply for Idaho’s spring black bear controlled hunts, with controlled hunt applications for spring turkey accepted February 1 through March 1. 

  • Bull elk in velvet / Photo by Scott Rudel
  • Wild Turkey General Hunting Season Opens April 15

    Turkey hunting is a sport rich in tradition that began long before Europeans arrived in North America. Native Americans hunted the wild turkey for food for more than 4,000 years. 

    When European immigrants arrived, they hunted this abundant bird for both food and sport. Populations declined with colonization and reached near extinction by the early 1900s following a century of habitat destruction and unregulated harvest. The few remaining turkeys lived in the most inaccessible habitats. By the great depression, only 30,000 wild turkeys remained.

Wild Turkey

Meleagris gallopavo

IDAPA Classification: Upland Game Bird
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