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    Biologists think they've found answers to low survival of sockeye salmon

    Biologists think they’ve answered a nagging question about its relatively new sockeye hatchery in Springfield. The hatchery succeeded in raising lots of young sockeye, but the fish have survived poorly after being released to migrate to the Pacific. 

  • Idaho sockeye at Eagle Hatchery in Eagle, Idaho.

    Sockeye return slightly exceeds expectations, but second-lowest in a decade

    The run is well below last year's return of 595 fish, and the second-lowest in a decade. The 10-year average is 690 sockeye trapped annually in the Sawtooth Basin, which ranged from a high of 1,579 to a low of 91. 

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    Kokanee Salmon Arrive and Chinook Salmon are Spawning

    Forty beautiful Kokanee salmon arrived at MK Nature Center yesterday and they have added a "splash" of color in the alpine lake.

  • Kokanee migrating upstream to spawn

    Kokanee chronicle: sustaining Idaho's favorite land-locked salmon

    Click this link or on the photo above for an interactive journey across Idaho to learn about the process of raising the next generation of kokanee in your favorite lake. 
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  • Sockeye salmon gathering to spawn

    Two sockeye returned to Stanley Basin, the first of the 2017 run

    Through Aug. 2, 225 sockeye have crossed Lower Granite Dam about 30 miles downstream from Lewiston. That’s the last dam salmon cross before reaching Idaho, and after crossing it, the fish still have to swim about 400 miles to return to their spawning grounds in the Stanley. 

  • Lake Trout

    Fishing at Priest Lake is at a crossroads

    Fish and Game is hosting three public meetings in July about the future of fishing at Priest Lake,  as well as doing an anglers' survey and public opinion poll in late summer or fall. 

  • Public meetings set to consider Priest Lake fishery management

    Fishing has long been one of the main attractions on Priest Lake and Upper Priest Lake. However, fishing at these scenic lakes has changed a great deal over time.

    Historically, the fishery was supported by three native sport fish, westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, and mountain whitefish. Fishing for cutthroat was the most popular throughout the early 20th century.

  • Fishing for Kokanee salmon on Lake Pend Oreille

    Lake Pend Oreille Kokanee Fishing Warms Up

    Kokanee fishing is finally beginning to pick up on Idaho’s largest body of water.

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    More Fish!

    Last Saturday’s Free Fishing Day gave many folks the chance to experience fishing for the first time. But the season has only just begun. So grab your license and gear and get out there!

  • Kokanee Kraze

    Come join Alan Geenhalgh - Owner of Kokabow Fishing Tackle, LLC as he shares his knowledge on targeting Kokanee. He will be accompanied by Regional Fisheries Biologists from IDFG who will be sharing information on management of Anderson Ranch Reservoir.


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