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    Striking a balance with Deadwood Reservoir kokanee

    If anglers are planning on taking a trip to Deadwood to chase kokanee this summer, they are reminded when the 2019-21 Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules were adopted in Nov. 2018, the bag limit was reduced to 15, and the possession limit was reduced to 45.

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    Dworshak Reservoir Fishing Report

    Dworshak Reservoir Fishing Report

    by Sean Wilson, IDFG fisheries research biologist

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  • a catch of five Kokanee June 2008

    Catch a kokanee salmon from southern Idaho's "silver triangle"

    Fish and Game manages quality kokanee fisheries around the state, including in a trio of destinations – the kokanee "silver triangle" – that are a short drive from Idaho’s largest population center.

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  • Idaho sockeye at Eagle Hatchery in Eagle, Idaho.

    First sockeye of 2018 arrives at Stanley

    The first sockeye of 2018 returned to the Redfish Lake Creek trap near Stanley on July 26. The first sockeye arrived on July 27 last year. 

    The fish is among the 233 sockeye that have so far crossed Lower Granite Dam near Lewiston (through July 26), which is the last dam the fish cross before reaching Idaho.  

    The 2018 sockeye run through Lower Granite has already topped last year’s total of 228 fish, which was the lowest return in a decade. Since 2008, sockeye returns over Lower Granite have averaged 1,115 fish with an annual range of 228 to a high of 2,786 in 2014. 

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    Lake Pend Oreille Walleye Update

    There is a toothy new predator in northern Idaho’s largest lake. Walleye, which were essentially non-existent in the lake ten years ago, have become increasingly abundant, to the point where they are now a significant player in the fishery. Lake Pend Oreille has long been known for its trophy rainbow trout and bull trout, having produced world records for both species. The trophy fishery, and to a very large extent, the sport fishery in general, is built on a foundation of kokanee.

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    Payette Lake's fishing is at a crossroads, which way do anglers want it to go?

    Managing with big, long-lived predators and a fluctuating prey species poses a big challenge for fisheries managers, and Payette Lake at McCall is the latest case where managers are asking anglers what they want. 

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    It's Still Ice Fishing Season!!

    The days may be getting longer, but there’s still some great opportunity to get out ice fishing! Looking for something a little bit different through the ice? Check out Soldier’s Meadow Reservoir for some great kokanee action, or maybe head to Deer Creek Reservoir for Tiger Trout or Brook Trout. Regardless of where you go, we would like to remind everyone to be careful on the ice. Ice Fishing Safety Tips The warm temperatures earlier this month created some iffy ice conditions.

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    Biologists think they've found answers to low survival of sockeye salmon

    Biologists think they’ve answered a nagging question about its relatively new sockeye hatchery in Springfield. The hatchery succeeded in raising lots of young sockeye, but the fish have survived poorly after being released to migrate to the Pacific. 


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