Marijuana on Public Lands - What to Do

Look for These Signs and Report Them

Marijuana leaf.
They May Indicate the Illegal Growing of Marijuana
  • The clearing of brush and timber.
  • Signs of cultivation/soil disturbance in unlikely areas.
  • Unusual structures located in remote areas to include those made from cut brush and timber as well as tents erected in unusual areas.
  • Buckets, garden tools, fertilizer bags, propane tanks, etc.
  • Plastic/PVC sprinkler piping coming from streams or springs and placed on public lands.
  • Large purchases by individuals of fertilizer, garden hoses, plastic PVC pipe, chicken wire, different size pots (utilized for different stages of growing plants), machetes, camouflage netting, camouflage clothing, etc.
  • Garbage in remote locations.
DO’s and DON’Ts

The following are recommended do’s and don’ts that apply upon discovery of a marijuana garden:
  • DO your best to know the exact location by use of existing landmarks, maps or GPS coordinates. This will be helpful when relating the location of the garden to law enforcement authorities.
  • DO make note of any vehicles or persons in or around the area.
  • DO exit the area on the same route you entered.
  • DO notify law enforcement immediately.
  • DO keep this information to yourself after notifying the proper authorities.
  • DON’T enter a garden area, or go any closer than is necessary to identify the plant(s) as being marijuana.
  • DON’T look around the area for additional plants or garden sites.
  • DON’T take a sample plant or segment of a plant with you.
  • DON’T leave any unnecessary sign of your presence in the area.
  • DON’T return to the area unless accompanied by law enforcement authorities.
Marijuana plants.
Marijuana plants.
Marijuana Growers Can Be Dangerous!
Leave Investigations to Law Enforcement Officers

Contact your nearest federal, state or local law enforcement agency or call the Drug Enforcement Administration at (208) 386-2100 or the marijuana hotline at (208) 961-1111.
Last Updated: October 18, 2011 
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