Press Release

Wolf trapping certification course offered in Nampa December 16

This course will likely be the last course offered in Nampa this season

Trappers interested in learning more about the specifics of trapping wolves are reminded that Idaho rules require trappers to successfully complete a Wolf Trapper Certification course before they can purchase wolf trapping tags.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will sponsor a certification course in Nampa on Saturday, December 16 from 9 am to 4:30 pm. The course will be held at IDFG’s Fisheries Research building at 1414 East Locust Lane.

This course will likely be the last course offered in the Nampa-area this season. Pre-registration is required. Register at or contact the respective Fish and Game office.

Any additional courses scheduled throughout the state the next few months will be posted on Fish and Game’s webpage.

The registration fee is $8 per student. Those registering online by credit card will be charged an added convenience fee of $1.75. Registrants must be at least nine years of age to take the course.

The courses cover a wide variety of topics including wolf biology, wolf behavior and management, wolf trapping techniques, proper care of a hide for maximum value and harvest reporting requirements. On-site demonstrations in the field include making trap sets free of human scent, rigging snares, placing diverters to avoid non-target catches, and trap site selection.

All instructors and assisting Fish and Game staff have expertise in furbearer management, trapping laws and ethics, responsible trapping, proper equipment and trapping techniques.

Students successfully completing the certification course receive an Idaho Wolf Trapper Certification Card that enables them to purchase wolf trapping tags. Certified wolf trappers may purchase up to five gray wolf trapping tags per trapping season.

Fish and Game also offers a general furbearer trapping class that is different from the Wolf Trapper Certification class. The general furbearer trapping class does not qualify people for the purchase of wolf trapping tags. When registering, please be certain to sign up for the course you actually want to take.