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Craig Mountain Wing Barrels help monitor upland bird harvest

Hunters who harvest are asked to deposit one wing and a completed data card into the barrel.
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Forest grouse season has opened and soon to follow are many other favorites including quail, chukar, gray partridge, pheasant, and turkey.  

Wing barrels have made a comeback on Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area, and Fish and Game is seeking your help to learn more about the area’s upland bird populations and sportsmen. Hunters who harvest are asked to deposit one wing and a completed data card into the barrel.

Wings allow Fish and Game to sex and age the birds and hunter participation aides in determining location of harvest, access information and sportsmen presence.

Barrel locations include:

  • Gaiser Parking area (end of Redbird road)
  • Cattle guard at junction of Zaza and Soldiers Meadow road
  • Kruze Meadows Parking area
  • Eagle Cr. Kiosk (top of Eagle Cr. road)
  • Madden Corrals
  • Whitehorse Corrals (lookout point at end of Zaza road)
  • Junction of Soldiers Meadow and Deer Creek road
  • Hoover Point road
  • Sandal Gulch Boat launch (between Buffalo Eddy and Billy Creek, Washington side of Snake River, directly across from Scout Camp)
  • Heller Bar Boat launch

For more information, contact the Clearwater regional office in Lewiston at (208) 799-5010.

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