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White-tailed deer management survey is now live for hunters to weigh in

Deadline to fill out survey is April 16

Deer hunters: Now is your chance to shape the future management of white-tailed deer in Idaho. Idaho Fish and Game is surveying white-tailed deer hunters and others interested in white-tailed deer management. 

The last time the department revised its management plan was in 2005.

“It’s time that we check in with our whitetail hunters to see if your perspectives and desires have changed,” said state game manager Jon Rachael. “Your opinion, and those of other white-tailed deer hunters, will help us determine where adjustments may be needed. By understanding what white-tailed deer hunters want, we can continue to provide the best diversity of hunting opportunities consistent with the desires of our hunters.”

Fish and Game personnel have mailed a survey to a randomly selected group of license holders, emailed another randomly selected group, and also made the survey available for anyone to take here.

Whitetail hunting has grown in popularity in Idaho and currently makes up one half of the total deer harvest. 

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White Tail Deer Camas Wildlife Refuge
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Dave Albiston

I spend time on Camas refuge each year looking for opps like this. The buck was laying down in some down cattails and the wind was blowing and making enough noise to sneek to about 50 yards.The buck finally busted me and jumped up and ran but stopped just long enough for this pic.