Press Release

Waterfowl Seasons Open Saturday

The waterfowl season in most of the state opens October 12; the season opened in the area around American Falls Reservoir on October 5.

Duck and Canada goose continue through January 24, with scaup seasons from November 2 to January 24.

Waterfowl seasons in the area around the American Falls Reservoir opened October 5 and run through January 17, with scaup seasons from October 26 to January 17.

The daily bag limit is seven ducks - but no more than two female mallards, two redheads, three scaup, two pintails and two canvasbacks - and four Canada geese.

This year, the white-fronted goose season was separated from Canada geese to accommodate hunting opportunities in the southwest part of the state. In the southwest area, white-fronted geese will be open November 11 to February 23.

The light goose season in the southwest will be open from November 26 to March 10.

But when the white-fronted goose and light-goose seasons occur at the same time, the use of electronic calls and unplugged shotguns are not allowed.

Elsewhere, the white-fronted goose season around the American Falls Reservoir will run from October 5 through January 17, and in the rest of the state it will run from October 12 through January 24. The daily bag limit will be six white fronted geese.

For light geese - snow and Ross's geese - the season is split in the area around American Falls Reservoir, including the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Bannock County and parts of Bingham, Caribou and Power counties. South of the Snake River the season runs from October 5 to January 17. North of the river it runs from October 29 to January 17 and from February 15 through March 10.

In the Southwest and part of the Magic Valley the seasons runs from November 26 to March 10.

In the rest of the state it runs from October 12 to January 24.

The daily bag limit is 20 light geese, increased from 10 last year. Hunters must carry a valid 2013 Idaho hunting license, with a HIP validation and hunters 16 and older must also carry a federal Duck Stamp. Hunters may carry only nontoxic shot. For a list of approved shot go to:, or check with license vendors or the nearest Fish and Game office.

For details see the 2013 Waterfowl Seasons and Rules brochure available at all license vendors, Fish and Game offices and online at: