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Upper Snake Region honors Hunter Education instructors

Annual Hunter Education awards banquet held to honor volunteer instructors

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Upper Snake River Region, held its annual Hunter Education Instructor’s banquet in July. The banquet and awards ceremony were held to honor and show gratitude to our volunteer instructors who donate their time teaching Hunter Education classes.

Mike and Sally Webster
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James Brower Idaho Fish and Game

The “Instructor of The Year” award for the Upper Snake Region was presented to Mike and Sally Webster, a teaching couple from St. Anthony. Mike and Sally are involved in the local Idaho Hunter Education Association and in their community. They are often asked by the people in their community to put on a class, and they are always willing to do so.

They also often spread the word around town when they conduct classes to make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend. Mike and Sally share a vast wealth of knowledge and experiences of which they use to teach Hunter Education classes.

In total, the Upper Snake Region held 133 hunting-related classes and certified 1,605 new hunters in 2018. This was 1,267 hours of classroom instruction where students were taught about Idaho’s hunting heritage and how to become; safe, ethical, responsible, knowledgeable and involved hunters.

Upper Snake Hunter Ed Banquet 2019
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James Brower Idaho Fish and Game

Thanks to all the Hunter Education Instructors in the Upper Snake River Region for all the time and effort donated to teach the next generation of hunters!

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