Press Release

Upper Salmon River between Idaho 93 and Idaho 75 to close to Chinook fishing July 7

Chinook fishing remains open in other areas of the Salmon River

Based on information available as of July 3,  Fish and Game fisheries managers estimate the sport fishery harvest for Chinook on a portion of the Upper Salmon River between the Highway 93 bridge located 0.3 miles south near Challis upstream to the posted boundary below Sawtooth hatchery will meet the harvest share by the end of fishing hours on July 7, so Chinook angling will close. 

Anglers had some good fishing in that stretch and caught a lot of hatchery Chinook. 

"We had the stars align this past week and weekend with perfect conditions," Regional Fisheries Manager Greg Schoby said. "We had a big batch of fish, great river conditions, relatively cool weather, and a fair amount of angler pressure and people catching fish most of the day, which racked up a bunch of our harvest share."

To see which areas remain open for Chinook fishing, go to the Season and Rules page.