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Time for boots on the ground, lots of hunting starts on Aug. 30 and more in September 


Big game archery seasons, bird and upland game hunting and mourning doves open in August and September

Aug. 30 kicks off many archery seasons for deer and elk, general hunts for bear, mountain lion and wolves, as well as seasons for some upland game birds and animals with more seasons opening in September. 

Big game animals

Many archery seasons for deer run from Aug. 30 through Sept. 30. For details by unit, go to the archery season (page 12) in the Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet. 

Many archery elk hunts also open on Aug. 30, but exact dates and details differ by zone. You can see which elk zones offer archery hunts in the elk rules starting on page 35 of the Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet. 

To learn more about deer and elk season in 2018, read the deer and elk hunting outlook

Many fall black bear (page 68), mountain lion and wolf seasons run concurrent with the archery seasons, and many hunts for these animals allow rifle hunting as well. 

Upland game birds 

Forest grouse (dusky, ruffed and spruce) seasons open Aug. 30 statewide with closing dates Dec. 31 or Jan. 31 depending on the zone. 

California and bobwhite quail seasons open Sept. 15 in many parts of the state. For a map and details are on page 7 of the Upland Game, Turkey and Furbearers rules booklet. 

Chukar and gray partridge seasons open Sept. 15 statewide. See page 8 of the Upland Game, Turkey and Furbearers rules booklet. 

Sage grouse season opens in some areas on Sept. 15 and runs through Sept. 21, and there are two new closure areas in 2018 that hunters should be aware of. See regulations in the link above for details, and a map of open areas. 

Fall turkey seasons offer general hunts in portions of the state starting Aug. 30 in some areas and Sept. 15 in others. See details on the link above. 

Upland game animals

Hunting for cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares opens Aug. 30 statewide, and you can see details on page 17 of the of the Upland Game, Turkey and Furbearers rules booklet. 

Upland game hunters have a new opportunity for 2018 with the statewide opening of the red squirrel season on Aug. 30.  

Migratory birds

Mourning dove season opens statewide Sept. 1. Mourning dove hunters must have a migratory bird permit, and other rules for migratory bird hunting apply. See details at the link above. Hunters also have opportunity for Eurasian-collared doves, which are non native and may be taken in any amounts and at any time by holders of a valid Idaho hunting license.

For more information about hunting in Idaho, go to Fish and Game's Hunt Planner. 

If you're new to hunting in Idaho, check out the Beginner's Guide to Hunting