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'Take Me Fishing' trailer events are coming to a location near you and help you learn to fish

Fish and Game supplies the fish, trailers supply the gear, and staff provides the expertise to get you started

Want to learn how to fish? All you have to bring is… you, and Idaho Fish and Game staff will take care of the rest. Fish and Game's "Take Me Fishing" trailers roam the state during spring and summer, and the trailers are loaded with loaner fishing rods, tackle, bait and staffed by experienced anglers. You don’t even need a fishing license for these special learning events, so it’s all free.

Fish and Game’s hatchery crews typically stock trout at each event site beforehand to ensure there are plenty of fish available for anglers to catch.

Take Me Fishing trailers events are usually held on weekends and after school or work. The rules for Take Me Fishing trailer events are simple:

  • Anyone who signs up at the trailer does not need a fishing license to fish during the event.
  • Fishing equipment is checked out for free on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Before and after the event, a fishing license is required for anyone 14 years and older.

Schedules vary for Take Me Fishing trailer events around the state, so call your Fish and Game regional office, or check Fish and Game’s "Take Me Fishing trailer" webpage for locations.

Fish and Game wants to help you get started fishing, and more important, help you learn the basics so you can go fishing by yourself, or take your family and friends to enjoy the state's amazing fishing opportunities.

All budding anglers have to do is show up at a fishing trailer event with a willingness to learn, and most important, a desire to have fun.

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Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

Take Me Fishing trailer, Southwest Region