Press Release

Surplus trout will be stocked Feb. 10-17 in the Southwest Region

Trout donated by Riverence Trout Farm will kickstart the spring fishing season

The COVID pandemic and the subsequent slowing of the economy have produced at least one silver lining for southern Idaho anglers: more trout to catch.

Riverence Trout Farm, located in Filer, Idaho has watched the demand for their restaurant-grade trout dramatically dwindle during the pandemic. The fish can’t be sold, and are too expensive to continue to raise.

So Riverence staff reached out to Idaho Fish and Game to see if the fish could be repurposed and stocked in public waters across southern Idaho for anglers to enjoy. With the details worked out during the last few weeks, the fish are now on their way.

"Riverence is proud to be working with Fish and Game and providing more fishing opportunities in the state," Riverence chief science officer Jesse Trushenski noted.

“We greatly appreciate Riverence’s generosity, and their efforts to make these fish available to Idaho’s fishing community,” Fish and Game regional fisheries manager John Cassinelli said.

In Idaho’s Southwest Region, fish will be released at the following locations, providing a one-time windfall for southern Idaho anglers. While the exact stocking schedule remains fluid, the Riverence rainbows will be stocked between Feb. 10 and Feb. 17 in these local water bodies:

Dick Knox Pond (Emmett) 5000

Duff Lane Pond (Middleton) 1000

Kleiner Pond (Meridian) 1500

Nicholson Pond (Kuna) 800

Rotary Pond (Caldwell) 3000

Sawyers Pond (Emmett) 3000

Star Pond West 3000

Settlers Pond (Meridian) 500