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Stocking of donated rainbow trout continues throughout the Magic Valley

Anglers throughout the Magic Valley Region are finding excellent fishing opportunities on rainbow trout donated by local fish producer Riverence.

The donation of thousands of large rainbow trout from local fish producer Riverence continued during the week of February 8 – 12 in waters throughout the Magic Valley. These fish came from the local fish producer in Filer who has watched the demand for their restaurant-grade trout go down during the pandemic. Current market conditions are making it very difficult for the fish to be sold and continuing to raise them on the farm is expensive. The donation of these fish has resulted in a late winter boon to Idaho anglers.

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A young angler at the Bell Rapids boat launch with his catches of the day. 

According to Fish and Game Regional Fisheries Manager Mike Peterson, anglers are enjoying the enhanced opportunity to fish open water during the winter months. “We are seeing parking lots full of vehicles, many with boat trailers”, said Peterson, “and anglers of all ages are showing off nice-sized rainbows on stringers, not to mention the smiles on everyone’s faces.”

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Happy anglers of all ages fishing for rainbow trout at the Bell Rapids boat launch.

In the Magic Valley Region, these one-time releases of 14,550 fish occurred at the following locations.

2100 fish into Freedom Park Pond in Burley.

2,950 fish into Emerald Pond near Burley.

6500 fish in Dog Creek Reservoir, north of Gooding.

500 fish each into Oster #2 and #3 on the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area. Be aware, the Oster Ponds do not open for fishing until March 1, 2021.

2,000 fish into the Filer Kids Pond.

For more information about winter fishing opportunities contact the Magic Valley Regional Office at (208)324-4359.