Press Release

St Maries River Access Area To Close During Improvement Work

The Saint Maries River Access Area and surrounding IDFG property will be closed to public access from November 1 through May 1, 2014.

A site improvement construction project will be under way during the closure period. The closure is necessary to assure public safety.

The project will involve constructing a new family fishing pond that is expected to be popular with local residents. The pond will be planted with hatchery rainbow trout.

Additional work will include elevating, grading and graveling the current parking and approach areas; installing a new handicapped accessible toilet; and improving river fishing access.

A recently installed new ramp will be modified to address requests expressed by local boaters. A new wetland will be created at the site to benefit wildlife.

Once the work is completed the Saint Maries fishing and boating access site will provide multiple outdoor recreational opportunities for local families and the general public for years to come.

For project and site information, please contact JJ Teare at the Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle Region office, 208-769-1414.