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Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing Update 6/15/2021

Hi folks, below you can find our latest weekly update for spring Chinook Salmon fishing. The table below shows the current estimates at Bonneville Dam which have only changed slightly from last week’s update. The Clearwater River slightly increased to an estimated adult harvest share of 262, the total Rapid River return adult harvest share decreased to 1,804 along with the Hells Canyon adult harvest share estimated at 279.

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Joe DuPont


Rapid River Return

Although the fishery on the lower Salmon River for Rapid River returns has ended, there is still some limited opportunity upcoming for a chance to harvest Rapid River returns on the Little Salmon River before it closes. The Little Salmon River fishery will be open for harvest this Thursday (6/17) and Friday (6/18) only, and close after fishing hours on Friday. For a more details regarding the latest update on the Little Salmon River fishery please click HERE . The table below provides current details on harvest estimates and distribution regarding the Rapid River adult returns.

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Joe DuPont

Hells Canyon

Last week no documented harvest in Hells Canyon was observed keeping our total adult harvest estimate at 90 fish. Trapping for brood stock at Hells Canyon Dam continues and likely reflects the current catch in this fishery. With an estimated adult harvest share of 279, we have a remaining 189 adults before we reach our goal. For now, the fishery will remain open.

Clearwater River Return

The Thursday through Sunday jack only fishery continues in limited areas of the Clearwater Basin and the good news is we have enough harvest share remaining to hold at least another Thursday-Sunday fishery starting 6/17. For a detailed description of open areas and rules visit . Anglers experienced excellent catch rates during the last interval averaging 3 hrs/fish caught. This last Thursday-Sunday, anglers harvested 152 adipose clipped jacks averaging 16 hrs/fish and caught. Anglers also released 575 adipose clipped adults. The two tables below detail the estimated adipose clipped mortality associated with catch-and-release (top) and the available adult harvest share remaining to operate the jack only fishery. The bottom table shows the current estimate of jack harvest and the remaining adipose clipped jacks remaining in our harvest share.

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Joe DuPont

Visiting the fishery on the North Fork Clearwater last Friday anglers are having a blast catching fish and with the arrival of jacks, taking a few home for the BBQ.

Until next week’s update, take care.