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Southern Portion Of Egin-Hamer Closure Opens April 1st

Southern Portion Of Egin-Hamer Closure Opens April 1st


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Bureau of Land Management

ST. ANTHONY - That portion of the Egin-Hamer Closure Area that is south of the Egin-Hamer Road is scheduled to open at sunrise on April 1st.  The area north of the road, surrounding the dunes remains closed until sunrise on May 1st.   Maps of the closure are available at the regional IDFG and BLM Offices in Idaho Falls or online at:

The closure is patrolled not only by law enforcement officers from BLM and IDFG, but also the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department.

Department personnel are allowed as part of their administrative duties to enter the closure to carry out enforcement activities. Department staff and volunteers will be entering the area to observe sage grouse performing courtship displays on their mating leks. Survey crews under the direction of the BLM may also be entering the closure.  Landowners maintaining their property are also authorized to enter before the opening dates.

It is critical that in all areas that humans give wildlife a wide berth.  Many animals are preparing to give birth to their young and it is important that energy reserves are maintained in the event late spring harsh weather occurs.  Local students are also reminded that the Civil Defense Caves are located within the closure are and not legally accessible until May 1.

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