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Soldiers Meadow Reservoir to Open for Fish Salvage

Soldiers Meadow Reservoir, south of Lewiston, will open to public fish salvage beginning Sunday, September 1, through Thursday, October 31.

The salvage order, which suspends fish bag, possession and size limits, is the first step in rehabilitating the reservoir. The project is required because of the illegal introductions of yellow perch, black crappie and black bullhead some years ago.

To take advantage of the salvage order, anglers must have a valid Idaho fishing license. With the exception of firearms, explosives, chemicals and electricity, fish may be taken with any method, including seines and dip nets. All fish must be killed before transport from the reservoir.

In early November, when water levels are at their lowest, Fish and Game will apply rotenone to the streams entering the reservoir and in the reservoir itself. The reservoir outlet gate will be closed the day of treatment, and the rotenone will naturally dissipate in the weeks following treatment.

When applied to water, rotenone is lethal to fish but harmless to livestock, wildlife, pets and humans.

Because of their robust reproductive capability, yellow perch, black crappie and black bullhead can quickly overpopulate a small reservoir like Soldiers Meadow, stunting their own growth, while also prohibiting the growth of other fish, in this case, rainbow trout.

Fish and Game will stock 10,000 nine-inch rainbow trout just before Memorial Day 2014.