Press Release

September trout stocking schedule for the Southeast Region

Fall isn’t just for hunting! It’s also a great time of year to wet a fly or dunk a worm in your favorite fishery. Personnel from Idaho Fish and Game’s hatcheries in the Southeast Region will be releasing over 21,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout at various locations during September.

Some notable stocking highlights include:

  • Bear River (Oneida Narrows reach below the dam) – 2,250 Rainbow Trout. This is a very scenic stretch of river just north of Preston.
  • Crowthers Reservoir – 1,100 Rainbow Trout. Tucked away on the northern edge of Malad City, this small reservoir is a nice local fishing spot and easily fished from the bank.
  • Devil Creek Reservoir – 5,150 Rainbow Trout. This reservoir provides some of the best trout fishing in the region and is easily accessible. Located 8 miles north of Malad City, it is visible from Interstate 15.
  • Edson Fichter Pond – 750 Rainbow Trout. Just minutes from downtown Pocatello behind Indian Hills Elementary, this 3-acre pond offers local anglers of all ages a convenient escape close to home.
  • Johnson Reservoir – 750 Rainbow Trout. Located near Preston, this 50-acre irrigation reservoir surrounded by large cottonwood trees is home to a variety of warm water species.

Location                                     Week to be Stocked                     Number of Trout

Bear River                                        Aug 31-Sep 4                                     750
(Oneida Narrows
at Red Point and 1st Bridge
Below Oneida Dam)

Montpelier Rearing Pond              Aug 31-Sep 4                                     250

Portneuf River                                 Aug 31-Sep 4                                     330
(Crane Creek access,
below Center Street Bridge
in Lava Hot Springs)

Portneuf River                                 Aug 31-Sep 4                                    1,250
(Below Pebble/
above Lava Hot Springs)  

Snake River                                      Sep 7-11                                            2,000
(Tilden, Blackfoot,
Firth, Shelley)    

Crystal Springs Pond                     Sep 14-18                                          750

Edson Fichter Pond                       Sep 14-18                                           750

Bear River                                        Sep 14-18                                           250
(Below Alexander Dam) 

Bear River                                        Sep 14-18                                           1,500
(Oneida Narrows at
Red Point and 1st Bridge
Below Oneida Dam)   

Crowthers Reservoir                      Sep 14-18                                           1,100

Deep Creek Reservoir                    Sep 14-18                                           1,000

Devil Creek Reservoir                     Sep 14-18                                           5,150

Johnson Reservoir                         Sep 14-18                                            750

Montpelier Rearing Pond               Sep 14-18                                            250

Portneuf River                                  Sep 14-18                                            330
(Crane Creek access,
below Center Street Bridge
in Lava Hot Springs)  

Bannock Reservoir                          Sep 28-Oct 2                                      1,000

Montpelier Reservoir                       Sep 28-Oct 2                                      900

Blackfoot Reservoir                         Sep 28-Oct 2                                      3,000


The number of trout actually released may be altered by weather, water conditions, equipment problems or schedule changes. If delays occur, trout will be stocked when conditions become favorable.