Press Release

Sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse hunters are required to have new permits and tags for 2021

Upland bird hunters in Idaho need to be aware of changes to sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse requirements for the 2021 hunting season that require the purchase of a new tag for sage-grouse hunting and a separate permit just for sharptail hunters, along with a hunting license. 

The new tag and permit structure was passed by the 2021 Legislature, but is not reflected in the printed 2020-21 Idaho Upland Game, Turkey and Furbearer seasons and rules. 

The sage-grouse tag, which is required for all sage-grouse hunters, is $22.75 for residents and $74.25 for nonresidents. The sharp-tailed grouse permit will be required only for people hunting those birds – not sage-grouse – and will cost $5.75 for residents and $17.75 for nonresidents. 

Hunters can purchase these and other license, tags and permits online. 

Any hunters who already bought the previous combined sage-grouse/sharptail permit may receive a credit towards the new sage-grouse tag if they only want to hunt sage-grouse. Hunters can do this at any Fish and Game Regional Office, and the credit will be applied to the purchase of the new sage-grouse tag. 

Fish and Game will also provide refunds to customers who bought the combined permit just for hunting sage-grouse and do not want to pay the higher fee for a sage-grouse tag, or who no longer want the permit because it will not accommodate both species.