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Road work on Boise River WMA is scheduled for March 25-27

Mountain bikers, other recreationists should be aware of road grading activity on multiple roads

Between March 25 and March 27, Idaho Fish and Game will be grading portions of Highland Valley Road (Route F), Shaw Mountain Road (Route E), and Lucky Peak Road (Route G) on the Boise River Wildlife Management Area, which will likely affect the experiences of mountain bikers and other recreationists using the trail system.

Grading is planned for the section of E Highland Valley Road from Highway 21 to the Boise River WMA Archery Range, the section of Lucky Peak Road from the archery range to its intersection with the Homestead Trail (#12), and the section of E Shaw Mountain Road from the archery range to the Intermountain Bird Observatory. Recreationists using these roads/trails can expect impacts from operation of the road grader, as well as after the work is completed until the dirt settles.

boise river wma road grading work 2022
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Idaho Department of Fish and Game

boise river wma road grading work 2022