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Ring in the New Year with a 2020 License

Before heading out in the New Year, Idaho hunters and anglers are reminded to pick up a 2020 license.

Nearly all of Idaho's hunting and fishing licenses, tags, and permits are sold on a calendar year basis, and they expire December 31.

The only licenses or permit not sold on a calendar year basis are Idaho's trapping license and Federal duck stamp. Both are valid from July 1 through the following June 30. This is because the seasons generally begin in the fall and end in the late winter.

An annual Idaho resident adult hunting licenses cost $15.75 and fishing licenses cost $30.50. Junior and senior licenses cost even less. Another option is a three-year license available for junior, adults and seniors, which saves a money and time standing in line.

Licenses are available at Fish and Game offices, license vendors, by phone at 1-800-554-8685, or on-line at There is an additional service fee for licenses purchased online. Licenses for disabled hunters and anglers are only available at Fish and Game offices.

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Roger Phillips/Idaho Fish and Game

Hunting in the snow, Southwest Region