Press Release

Reward Program Targets Illegal Off-Road Activity on Craig Mountain

"Don't let illegal riders and gate busters degrade your public land and recreational opportunities."

Reward stickers with this phrase will be posted on Idaho Fish and Game lands starting this fall. Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and Idaho Fish and Game are partnering to pilot a reward program on Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area. A $500 reward will be issued for information leading to the arrest or citation of persons violating motorized access restrictions.

"Illegal off-road activities are a serious problem on Craig Mountain" said Justin Barrett, wildlife management area manager. "Motorized access on Craig Mountain is managed primarily to reduce the spread of noxious weeds, prevent erosion, provide security for big game animals, and to protect wildlife habitat. It becomes very difficult to manage an area effectively when riders break the rules."

Motorized use is prohibited on roads that are posted as closed or behind locked gates. All off-road motorized travel is prohibited, even if not posted. There are many main roads that allow access into the area and are open to motorized travel throughout the year. Seasonal motorized access in Redbird Canyon and specific mobility-impaired routes are available on the Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area through a permit system. Maps of the area are available at the Fish and Game office, at 3316 16th St., Lewiston.

Individuals witnessing illegal activities should gather as much information as possible regarding the vehicle and persons involved in the illegal activities. A photograph, license plate number, ID sticker, or VIN number, including a report of when, where, who and what you saw are extremely important details to include in the description.

Information can be reported to a local conservation officer, Fish and Game office at 208-799-5010 or the Nez Perce County Sheriff's office at 208-799-3131.