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Remaining Egin-Hamer Closure Opens May 1

As of sunrise on May 1, the remaining northern part of the Egin-Hamer Closure will reopen.

Public land managers remind users that certain rules still remain in effect on Bureau of Land Management lands.

Though the winter was relatively mild, the unified efforts of county, state and federal agencies to protect wintering big game herds outside of St. Anthony have once again paid off.

Fifteen years ago, the arrangement for the closure was agreed upon when county commissioners approached the BLM with the idea of the area closure in return for the re-opening of the Egin-Hamer Road for winter travel. Individual landowners going to or coming from their private lands have always been exempt from the closure.

The portion of the closure area south of the Egin-Hamer Road opened on schedule at sunrise on April 1. To ensure that recreational users understand what things they need to keep in mind, a special flier was created and is available online from the BLM and Idaho Fish and Game.

Of key concern to agency staff is that users remain on designated routes to protect the habitat and that everything possible is done to reduce the spread of noxious weeds.

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes flier can be viewed at: