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Public can comment on F&G's draft State Wildlife Action Plan through Aug. 31

Idaho Fish and Game is taking comments on its Draft Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan 2022, which is a statewide plan for conserving and managing Idaho’s most at-risk fish and wildlife and the habitats they depend on. People can review the draft plan and submit comments by August 31.

This plan revises the 2015 Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan, and the revision includes plants. Designed to span 10 years, the Idaho State Wildlife Action Plan 2022 provides strategic and voluntary guidance on priority conservation actions needed for both “species of greatest conservation need” and “species of greatest information need.”

Objectives of the State Wildlife Action Plan include:

  • Avoid the need for future endangered species listings
  • Recover species currently listed as threatened or endangered
  • Maintain state-led management authority for Idaho’s native fish, wildlife, and plants
  • Maintain healthy wildlife, healthy habitat, and healthy people
  • Maximize access for traditional use of natural resources
  • Maintain healthy lands and waters
  • Increase opportunities to support the voluntary stewardship efforts of ranchers, farmers, and private landowners to keep working lands working
  • Increase public engagement in wildlife management decision-making
  • Increase community engagement in conservation planning

bighorn ram head shot with radio collar October 2002
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bighorn ram head shot with radio collar October 2002