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PotlatchDeltic announces lift of previous closure of Idaho public access, which includes Deer Creek Reservoir


PotlatchDeltic lands part of F&G Large Tracts Program are open to public use as of Aug. 27, including Deer Creek Reservoir

PotlatchDeltic Corporation Aug 26. announced changes to public access to its Idaho timberlands.

Due to recent rainfall and lower temperatures in the region, fire risk has declined. As a result, the temporary public access ban announced on July 22 will be lifted effective Friday, August 27.

PotlatchDeltic timberlands will be open for recreational activities, including camping, hunting and fishing, in accordance with company recreation policies. Campfires remain banned and motorized recreational vehicle use on Idaho property will be restricted to open, ungated roads only. No motorized recreational vehicles, including ATVs and motorcycles, are allowed behind gates.

The reopening allows anglers to access Deer Creek Reservoir in the Clearwater Region. The reservoir was not accessible during the closure, and it closes each season on Sept. 30 due to land lease conditions with PotlatchDeltic. Anglers are encouraged to take advantage of fishing opportunity on the reservoir while they still can.

PotlatchDeltic urges all visitors to Idaho’s forests to exercise extreme caution in regards to fire while recreating. Additional information can be found on their Idaho recreation website.

  • Fish and Game encourages sportsmen to check our Idaho Fire Map before heading out on your next trip to ensure your destination is safe and accessible.
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  • To view maps of the Large Tracts properties check out our Idaho Hunt Planner.

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