Press Release

Popular Fishing Access Closes At C. J. Strike Reservoir

Two popular fishing access points at C.J. Strike Reservoir are now off limits to the public due to Homeland Security concerns. Idaho Power Company, which manages the popular fishing reservoir, was required to implement the closures in the last few weeks.

Walk-in access to Strike Dam and its associated spillway - popular locations amongst trout and yellow perch anglers - is no longer allowed. In the days ahead, Idaho Power staff will be installing about 60 feet of barrier fencing just below the dam, eliminating public access to the dam's tailrace area, popular among sturgeon anglers. The county sheriff's office will be enforcing the closure.

"In combination, the two closures obviously represent a significant loss of fishing opportunity for shore-bound anglers," Fish and Game fisheries manager Joe Kozfkay noted. "All indications are that the closure is permanent."

For additional information regarding the fishing access closure, please visit the Idaho Power Company's website at: For C.J. Strike Reservoir camping, boating and water release information, please call 1-800-422-3143.