Press Release

Pheasants Forever to Sponsor Youth Hunts this Month

Southeast Idaho Pheasants Forever and Idaho Fish and Game's Access Yes! program are offering a special opportunity to give youths ages 10 to 15 a successful pheasant hunting experience.

The youth-only pheasant hunts will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. November 10 and 17 at the Access Yes! property near Robin.

These hunts are self-guided. Some volunteers may be willing to mentor youth or provide dogs, but hunters will need to coordinate that in advance. Hunting licenses are required. Hunters will be responsible for being safe and ethical and are reminded to hunt away from other groups of hunters.

Those who wish to participate simply need to show up to the property and start hunting between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Only youths ages 10 to 15 may hunt during these special events. For assistance or questions, e-mail Jason Beck at or call 208-251-7438.

This Access Yes! property will be closed to hunting before 9 a.m. on both November 10 and 17 to allow the organizers time to safely stock pheasants. Everyone participating, including mentors and observers, will be required to wear at least one article of hunter orange clothing for safety. Orange hats will be available at the Fish and Game vehicle located at the property on those days.

The property has wild pheasant populations with additional birds being planted for the events. To get there, take Exit 40, 30 miles south of Pocatello, and head west to Robin. Turn north on Robin Road and then west again on Stinger Road. Look for the Access Yes! signs after Stinger Road turns into a two-track. There are locations for two to three groups of hunters at a time to set out from Stinger Road.

Another option is to turn off Stinger Road onto Henderson Road to get to the north side of the property. The access on Henderson Road can accommodate another two or three groups at a time. If the Access Yes! property fills up, there are also wild pheasants on the public land north and west of the Access Yes! property.

Access Yes! is an Idaho Fish and Game program that offers incentives to landowners who allow public access for hunting and fishing. You can find information on this property and other places to hunt on Idaho Fish and Game's website Look for the Access Yes logo at the bottom of the home page.