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New Link Provides First-hand Fishing Information

What is the best way to find out where fishing is hot in Idaho? Ask the people who are on the water. That's the idea behind a new feature on Fish and Game's website called "Fish Talk."

The new link provides anglers the opportunity to share their experiences with others; from where the fish are biting and what species are being caught; to what bait, lures or flies the fish are taking. Anglers can share their stories and even photographs of the "big one" that didn't get away.

Fisheries manager Dave Parrish will manage "Fish Talk." An avid angler himself, Dave will likely be providing his own expertise and experience to help users decide when and where to plan their fishing trips.

If you are an angler who is concerned that too much information will lead to overcrowding, Parrish says he plans to take measures to ensure that your "honey hole" won't be revealed. Anglers will be asked to share general information about locations, identifying certain lakes, rivers, streams or ponds without being specific about exact locations.

"As I screen the incoming information, I'll try to guard against Ôhot-spotting' with too much specific information." Parrish said.

If you have a story to share, pictures to show, or a heads-up about water conditions, go to the fishing page on our website: Find the "Tell other anglers" button and share your fishing adventure.